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The Republic National Mint

The Republic National Mint creates limited edition strikes layered in precious metals that commemorate the great achievements and moments in our shared American heritage Trump Coin.

Our products reflect the legacy of our nation and the spirit of our people. Forged in fire and shaped by hammer, our gold Trump coins symbolize and celebrate the power and triumphs of our unique and rare culture that generations of Americans have shed blood and treasure to achieve; the liberty and freedom of our people. Each of our Republic National Mint coins are built with the traditions of yesterday and the technology of today for the legacy of tomorrow.

Authenticity Guaranteed

The Republic National Mint works diligently to ensure every trump coin is authenticated by weight, measurement and alloy. Using the most exacting standards, each coin is hand checked for quality and certified by our guarantee that affords the collector the peace of mind that every coin purchased is authentic, original and verified by The Republic National Mint.

Each of our coins requires many hours of dedication from the finest designers, engravers and coin minters to produce the highest possible quality brilliant proof coins suitable to be included in your collection. The quality and craftsmanship we put into each of our coins ensures that your investment will be valued and treasured for generations to come.

About Our Products of Trump Coin: We offer the highest quality minted, non-monetized numismatics, valued for their artistic aesthetic, collectible subject matter and limited production. All our coins are gilded in .999 fine silver or .999AU 24ct gold and designed and crafted in Texas, USA. The Republic National Mint is exclusively represented by Patriot.Gold. These hand-crafted yet affordably priced offerings make the perfect MAGA legacy gift.

Trump Coin Grading

We do not grade our coins. However, they will arrive in uncirculated condition with a brilliant proof-like mirror finish, encased in clear acrylic protective holders. “Proof-like” does not refer to a grade of preservation, but rather to a particularly elaborate manufacturing process. To achieve a highly-reflective finish to our coins, blanks and dies are pre-treated in order to accentuate the balance between the mirror background fields and the matt detail of the engraved relief. Each coin is individually removed from the striking process, hand polished and examined carefully prior to being packaged in its protective capsule.

The Making of our Coins

Our coins begin their journey as an idea within the minds of some of the world’s most talented and experienced numismatic craftsmen and designers. A series of conceptual drawings Gold Trump, Silver Trump coins are submitted for review and then refined to create a stunning new design.

From the final digitized design, a set of master tools are carved out of hardened steel to become our working coin dies. After being fitted to the striking press, the prepped and polished bronze coin blanks are placed into the press.

The coins are struck, sometimes multiple times under several tons of pressure. The coin now mirrors the exact surface of the die, and is quality checked and approved. Coins are hand cleaned and polished before being sent to plating where they are electroplated with precious metals that become fused with the coin. Each coin is then polished to a proof-like luster with a mirror finish and packed in a clear acrylic protective case to ready the coin for shipment and addition to your collection.

Our coins literally last forever, crafted to be handed down across the generations, these limited-edition proof-like engravings are minted in precious metals that will intrigue hearts and minds of generations to come. Start your own family legacy.


Republic National Mint Guarantee

Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re not pleased with an item you receive, you may return it within 21 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

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